Happiness in Human Resources

Human resources is a catalyst and driver for one of your organisation's most important assets – culture. Culture has the capacity to create, attract and retain sales, customer service and leadership teams that excel. We give them the tools to fulfil that role.

Change, from the ground up. Invest in your culture...

HR is a constantly evolving business function, gone are the days where HR is viewed as an administrative support function. The modern human resource department sits central to the overall company strategy and is tasked with the critical role of enabling a happy, engaged workplace. 

Successful organizations are becoming more adaptive, resilient, quick to change direction and customer-centred. The most successful HR experts put their employee's wellbeing and happiness at the centre of their decisions. They are a strategic partner, an employee sponsor, advocate and a change mentor.

This workshop is built to engage your HR team, helping them to develop the skillset and understanding required to deliver these demanding responsibilities, taking ownership of corporate culture development.


Fiona Barron

Co-Founder & CEO of The Happiness Hub, Fiona's background in Clinical Psychology provides the scientific grounding to our content.

Saleem Ali

Saleem Ali

Co-Founder of The Happiness Hub, Saleem integrates over 15-years of global corporate management experience into our sessions.

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